Mary Holmes

Mary Holmes worked as a district nurse and, on a voluntary basis and at her own expense has visited many rural organisations in India over the years as a member of the Association for Sarva Seva Farms [ASSEFA], which serves nearly 6000 Indian villages, of UKOWLA and of One World Link.

These organisations aim to help people become self-reliant and to give people what they want or need not what the west might assume they need. 

An active campaigner against repression and the arms trade, Mary’s views have been clearly and forcefully stated by correspondence, in the press and on the radio. 

She updated the database of ICOM supported worker co-operatives – now part of Co-operativesUK – writing an interesting article about her reaction to those with whom she interacted during the project. 

Mary is currently participating in the national curriculum’s world citizenship programmes, visiting schools in the London area.