George Morran

George Morran has a wealth of experience in local government,  as Director of the West Midlands Regional Forum of Local Authorities (1991-98), Assistant Chief Executive Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, currently consultant specialising in regional governance, Vice-chair of Localise West Midlands, research associate at Aston University’s Business School and project director of the West Midlands Constitutional Convention.

Continuing his work to ‘bring power to the people’, hsubmitted a response on behalf of Localise West Midlands to a House of Commons Select Committee about the Coalition Government’s decision to revoke and abolish Regional Spatial Strategies [RSS], which ended.

The way out of these problems is to decentralise fiscal and monetary policies so as to connect them more closely to the local and to focus on bringing together the demand and supply of goods and services so as to strengthen social, economic and territorial cohesion.

Interest rates need more accurately to reflect local and regional inflationary pressures.

New sources of finance such as local and regional bonds need to be promoted to finance local and regional investment, including housing, which could generate a huge number of hi and lower tech jobs, substantial new businesses.

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