Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato works as a green economist, seeking to develop a sustainable and just economy. She was, for some years, a Reader in Green Economics at Cardiff School of Management and Director of the Welsh Institute for Research into Cooperatives. Her doctoral research into the labour-market in the Welsh Valleys was published by the University of Wales Press and then wrote Market, Schmarket: Building the Post-Capitalist Economy.

She is a prime mover in the two-farm community supported agriculture project near Stroud. Stroud Community Agriculture Ltd is incorporated as Community Co-operative.

The Co-operative News reports that Molly Scott Cato is making the case for co-operatives taking a lead in mainstreaming local food in local stores.

Speaking to the Journal of Co-operative Studies, she has argued that the current food system is insecure, causes environmental damage and could leave the country in a very vulnerable position. She suggests that the Movement offers “an enormous resource not used as well as it could be for getting local food to local shops.”

She has been appointed to the Welsh Government’s Co-operative and Mutuals Commission.

Molly worked closely with Richard Douthwaite on certain issues during the last few years and drew on his work on carbon sinks and cycles when giving evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into the Green Economy.

She was a Green Party councillor [Stroud, Valley], economics spokesperson for the Green Party, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University before becoming (2015) a South West England MEP.



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