Shaun Chamberlin

Shaun Chamberlin is . . .

unashamedly positive about what kind of a world humanity could create, and unashamedly realistic about how far we are from creating it today

Before 2005 Shaun read philosophy at the University of York and then worked, at various times, as a teacher, a massage therapist and the manager of a learning centre for marginalised groups. He has served as an advisor to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, an academic peer reviewer for the Climate Policy journal, edited booklets on nuclear power and carbon rationing, and co-authored the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil’s report into TEQs (Tradable Energy Quotas).

He has been involved with the Transition Network since its inception, working with a wide network of friends and partners nationally and internationally.

He co-founded Transition Town Kingston and wrote the movement’s second book, The Transition Timeline.

Presentations have been made at venues ranging from community groups and Climate Camps to the London School of Economics, the UK and Scottish Parliaments and the European Commission. Shaun was shortlisted for the Sheila McKechnie Foundation Environmental Campaigner Award, and named Kingston’s ‘Green Champion’ for 2010.

In 2009, he and David Fleming of the Lean Economy Connection began to collaborate with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil to produce a new report for policymakers which was successfully launched in a Commons Committee room on January 18th 2011.

Tradable Energy Quotas: A Policy Framework for Peak Oil and Climate Change  explores the vital role that an economy-wide tradable rationing scheme could play in addressing the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil. The launch had remarkable coverage and the website  gives links to 19 mainstream media articles, including the international Bloomberg news agency.

Six videos cover the presentation by Shaun Chamberlin, introduction by MP John Hemming, Chairman of APPGOPO, the endorsement by vice-chairman MP Caroline Lucas and then by Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solar Century. Three record the Question and Answer session. All can be seen on

There have been discussions with the new economics foundation about integrating TEQs into their work on Transition currencies.  They are currently building a new interface to allow local currencies like the Brixton Pound to operate on Cyclos software.  It is hoped that this project could produce a medium to demonstrate that TEQs can be run far more cheaply than the figures produced by Accenture for the UK Government’s pre-feasibility study and add to the arguments for a full feasibility study.

Shaun has had 15 positive responses to his call for TEQs ambassadors to spread the load he is currently carrying, as interest continues to grow.

Latest news

Shaun is now a director of both the Ecological Land Co-operative and the campaign for TEQs, and has delivered presentations at venues ranging from community groups, Climate Camps and Occupations to the London School of Economics, the UK and Scottish Parliaments and the European Commission. See his blog: #

Yet another remarkable member of the GenerationNext

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