Carol Byrne

Another fine member of the ‘GenerationNext’

Carol Byrne  – ‘Organic Carol’ – is first organic fruit and veg trader in Birmingham’s Bull Ring market.

She left her work as a teacher and film-maker in London to take over her late father’s stall and pioneered the selling of affordable locally grown food, some of it organic and some, though grown in a similar way, uncertified. Prices are well below those in supermarkets.

Those who want to buy fruit and vegetables grown within a forty mile radius can go to a nearby farmers’ market once a month, join a box scheme, or select their own from Tuesday to Saturday at Carol’s stall in the Bull Ring outdoor market which is open each week.

Though many make a special journey to this stall, people shopping in the outdoor market and, passing by, are also attracted by the reasonably priced produce.

This is a replicable model which could and should be a feature of every market in the country.

With her colleague Bernice Ellis, other traders and great public support she is currently working for a campaign to save the Birmingham Wholesale Markets – a prime 21-acre site which the council wishes to see redeveloped.

Read about her linking of this issue with her concern for those thousands who would lose employment: “thousands of young people in Birmingham feel desperate, excluded and marginalised . . .”

Carol has now moved to live and work in Mexico.

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