Brad Carter and Holly Jackson

A combination of hard work, good training and persistence in realising their vision of a constructive role make Holly and Brad worthy members of our GenerationNext. Their sourcing of ingredients, people and equipment is now making a significant contribution to the local and regional economy.

Brad studied at Birmingham College of Food – a centre of excellence. It was the first higher education institution to receive Beacon status in 2006. This is awarded by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) for innovation, outstanding teaching and learning, good leadership and management.  

After working in several parts of the country, he moved overseas and worked in Marseille and Menorca. Holly, his partner in life and business, has now had over ten years’ experience in the hospitality industry, working in cafés, bars, gastropubs and restaurants. 

In Moseley, they have set up an independent small business with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where: 

  • standards will not be lowered  
  • inferior ingredients will not be used 
  • British food in season is valued  
  • free-range meat, wild fish & local produce is served 
  • vegetables are sourced as locally as possible  
  • fruit comes from the counties in the region 
  • people trained locally are employed and 
  • equipment manufactured in Birmingham has been selected. 

A detailed description of Carters can be found on the Antidote to gloom website. 

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