News from Sabine McNeill: Oct 15th – Webinar on Child Protection

GlobalNet21 is an organisation committed to public and community engagement. It started some five years ago to interest new audiences of people through social networking in discussing the big issues of the 21st century. Global Net 21’s organiser is setting up a webinar to be held on October 15th, on Child Protection or Child Snatching – The Truth. Its website introduces the issue:

“In this webinar, Sabine K McNeill will share her experiences of what Christopher Booker from the Telegraph calls “child snatching” but what the State calls child ‘protection’. These experiences come from talking to parents and also include visits to three prisons.

“Sabine says, “You can only believe how bad it is, when you talk to parents to whom it has happened. The Slovak father who lost his two sons, also lost his marriage, a £50,000 job and house, due to the unbearable stress of being falsely accused of having abused one of his sons.”

“What is happening to loving and innocent families, she feels is often not heard because of the Secrecy of the Family Courts that can result in imprisonments and intimidation, that only the internet can compensate for. However, gagging or ‘injunction’ orders try to ensure that internet publicity is minimised.

“However, now the UK may be taken to the European Court of Human Rights over its ‘illegal’ child-snatching: to “challenge the unusual readiness of our social workers and courts to remove children from their parents for “no sound reason”. The Telegraph (15th September):

“So disturbed is the government of Slovakia by the number of Slovak parents who have lost their children in Britain in recent years that its justice ministry has posted a declaration highly critical of Britain on its website and says that, if a decision of the Appeal Court this Tuesday goes against one Slovak family, it will back an appeal to the Strasbourg court that Britain has acted illegally”.

Sabine is also working with Taxpayers Unite and the first meetings have been taking place at the Indian YMCA , 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ, since September 25, 2012, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

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