News from Dr Peter Mansfield: The Website is Up!

“I think it’s ready for you to see, if you wish. Go to and have a look . . .”.

“The graphics are a work in progress that should eventually become a sophisticated, dreamy space journey with several heavenly bodies to visit.”

The three chapters not yet ready are about Metabolism and Thyroid; Progesterone; and Miscellaneous Natural Remedies. Readers should feel free to request additional topics and suggest general improvements.

His practice’s only concern: to help you rebuild or optimise your health as quickly and completely as possible, not aiming to replace your medical advisers, but to help you to be competently and confidently as independent as possible of medical help. 

From the July newsletter – EU proposal to remove hormones in water supply

The EU proposed recently that sewage treatment plants should be upgraded across the Union to remove pill hormones. This will cost £30 billion in the UK alone. Normal sewage treatment leaves levels of hormones and halocarbons untouched. They are then discharged into rivers, to be drawn again downstream for mains water treatment, still with these contaminants. Low in the Rhine and Thames Valleys, mains water can contain several cycles of pill hormones, water re-used again and again.

This, and other exposures, leads to a general dominance of oestrogen (woman-hormone) effect on marine species, feminising them, and on people. The MRC admitted decades ago that oestrogen dominance was reducing the sperm count in males, though the drug industry now claims there is no evidence of effects on people. It would be foolish to discount a slight general feminising effect, and a nudge towards cancer in reproductive glands including the prostate.

Ed: In Forbes, a leading business magazine, Tim Worstall, a Senior Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute asserts that women on the contraceptive pill should pay a tax of $1,500 a year. This, he writes, is the inevitable outcome of the standard logic that the polluter should pay. Assuming that the European Union has got its science and costs right, the end result really is that women should be charged a higher tax for using the contraceptive pill. 

Peter Mansfield’s recommendation is that water companies relax their mains water standards somewhat and provide householders with a reverse osmosis system for purifying this water to drinking standard at one tap in each dwelling and workplace. That would cost about £6 billion, quite a saving, apart from economies on water treatment technology.

He adds: “Meanwhile, for under £200 and a little DIY you can instal one for yourself. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make. Look up for a suitable deal.  That’s where we got ours from, and we have no complaints.” #

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