Shaun Chamberlin’s report for the Marmot Trust

Summarising the progress on TEQs over the past year.

A breathtaking amount of work headlined only; more of the very interesting detail later


Project Achievements (publications, events, lobbying activities)

  • Internal developments and capacity building
  • Public events
  • Political briefings and progress
  • Research
  • Overview

He opens:

“The central aim of this work is to make the case for TEQs (Tradable Energy Quotas) as a more equitable and effective alternative to carbon taxation and to raise the quality of the discussion on personal carbon allowances as a realistic policy. In our view, TEQs is the fairest way of engaging society in the critical task of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, guaranteeing that national emissions targets are achieved and ensuring fair access to energy for all in straitened times.”

Another project taking up much of Shaun’s time over the past year is the Ecological Land Cooperative. This project is designed to provide a means for prospective ecological smallholders to access affordable land, without having to grapple with the full weight of the planning permission process. Working towards planning permission for the site (near Tiverton, on the Devon/Somerset border) feels like exciting, valuable work. More details on the website and Shaun will have an article on the project in  Permaculture magazine.

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