The occupation is a collective “No” to those in power. It is a refusal to forget that the solutions proposed by politicians are more of the same things that caused the crisis in the first place. 

The occupation is the beginning of a conversation the whole world needs. Whatever happens, we cannot rest until we have built a world based on mutual respect for all in which no one is forgotten. 

Several networkers have given presentations or just conversed with Occupy LSX. Now Mary Holmes writes, sending photographs she took there: 

“I know rather a lot has been written and said about Occupy, but I’m impressed with the fact that the people there really do have a very open approach.

 “It is more an opportunity to discuss alternatives than to set out some particular doctrine.”

With a professional eye, Mary noted that the medical tent was much improved  – & less damp underfoot – compared to an earlier visit.

Other visitors included Molly Scott Cato: “the level of organisation is phenomenal – like at Climate Camp” and Colin Hines – whose comment ends this post.

Today the City of London Corporation won the first round in its attempt to evict them from the cathedral churchyard. Occupy London protesters camped outside St Paul’s have vowed to carry on their legal fight. John Cooper, QC for Tammy Samede, the principal named defendant, said said an appeal would be sought on whether the actions taken by the corporation were proportionate: “This is an important judgment. It marks the start of a legal analysis as to the extent of protest in this country. What Occupy have done is push the boundaries of public law on protest.” 

In a statement, Dr Giles Fraser said: “This judgment is disappointing. In a world where there is such a gap between rich and poor, the voice of protest needs continually to be heard. The church must not be seen to side with the 1% rather than the 99%.” 

Colin Hines’ conclusion

Winston Churchill identified a stable society as the balance required between what he termed the ladder and the net. Today the ‘Occupy ‘ movement is clear that the ladder has rungs that need to be brought very much closer together and the net dramatically strengthened  . . . 

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