James Bruges: Top Post for 2011; John Bunzl: “Occupy Wall Street. Occupy your mind”

Top Post for 2011

The Soil Fertility Project: James Bruges and David Friese-Greene


Early this month John Bunzl was interviewed by Dr Nicholas Beecroft of the Democratic Reform Movement which sets out its reasons for initiating such a movement here.

It is already ‘under way’ but will be ‘launched’ in the new year.


The video can be seen here.


Highlights from John’s Occupy Wall Street. Occupy your mind

We live in interesting times; I would almost say evolutionary times; times when people’s understanding of the world they live in is struggling to catch up with a reality that has largely left them behind. For the reality today is that power substantially resides beyond the nation-state; the reality is that individual governments simply aren’t in a position to unilaterally influence global events, be it global energy markets, bond, or currency markets. In other words, events now occur in the ungoverned global space, as it were.

And yet people’s understanding still operates largely in the national space. It’s little wonder, then, that they still cling to the out-dated belief that the government still has the ability to act effectively. . .

Rather than competing with one another to remain relatively more attractive to global markets and corporations, and so necessarily favouring banks, global investors and the rich in the process, nations need to cooperate to implement robust global rules and taxes to ensure global markets and corporations operate for the common good rather than just for the benefit of the globally mobile few. Until nations learn to cooperate, then, the markets will continue to pick nations off one by one; until they cooperate, the market tail will continue to wag the government dog. . .

Now is the time for all of us—bankers and street cleaners, rich and poor, protesters and wider public—to start talking; maybe it’s time for all of us to stop blaming one another and start working together to find a way through.

Read the whole blog: http://simpolinternational.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-occupy-your-mind.html


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