Pat Conaty is completing a book with a Canadian colleague which will come out in June 2012 but to promote the contents they are doing short articles about different chapters. 

In response to news I sent of the progress of a Community Land Trust in Bristol, he wrote: “Here is one of the first articles on CLTs in the US where you will see in Irvine, California (where I was at University doing post graduate work in the 1970s), they are developing a CLT for almost 10,000 homes. This is the size of Letchworth Garden City.” I found a link to the pdf he attached: .

A further search revealed news about the forthcoming book from its New Society Publishers: The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-state Economy by Michael Lewis & Pat Conaty.

The reviewer writes: 

“We find ourselves between a rock and a hot place – compelled by the intertwining forces of peak oil and climate change to reinvent our economic life at a much more local and regional scale. The Resilience Imperative argues for a major “SEE (Social, Ecological, Economic) Change” as a prerequisite for replacing the paradigm of limitless economic growth with a more decentralized, cooperative, steady-state economy. 

“The authors present a series of strategic questions within the broad areas of:  

  • Energy sufficiency
  • Local food systems
  • Low-cost financing
  • Affordable housing and land reform
  • Democratic ownership and sustainability. 


“Each section has case studies of pioneering community initiatives rounded out by a discussion of transition factors and resilience reflections. 

“With a focus on securing and sustaining change, this provocative book challenges deeply embedded cultural assumptions. Profoundly hopeful and inspiring, The Resilience Imperative affirms the possibilities of positive change as it is shaped by individuals, communities and institutions learning to live within our ecological limits.”

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