Geoff Tansey and the Food Ethics Council

Geoff Tansey is ‘extraordinarily busy and away from home a lot’.

He is a trustee of the Food Ethics Council, an organisation established in 1998 with support from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Farm and Food Society.

FEC works on issues ranging from the power of the supermarkets, food poverty and workers’ rights, to air freight, genetic modification, meat and climate change, and water scarcity.

Its Executive Director, Dr Tom MacMillan, is to move to the Soil Association as Director of Innovation and FEC board members are looking for his successor.

The November 2011 meeting of the FEC Business Forum focussed on resource economics. The speaker was Paul Ekins, Professor of Energy and Environment Policy at University College London. The meeting was chaired by David Croft, Director of Food Technology at Waitrose and a member of the Food Ethics Council.

To read a report prepared by FEC’s Executive Director Tom MacMillan, click on the link:  Business Forum 111116.pdf  

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