We held Shaun Chamberlin’s tour de force for a week to give top posting to the aweful news of Richard’s death. 

Thankfully that is not an end to our link with Feasta, the organisation which Richard co-founded. Caroline Whyte, of Feasta has agreed to keep in touch: 

“I’d be honoured to continue the link, although of course I couldn’t possibly replicate what Richard did.” 

Many experienced and thoughtful people are visiting the Tent City University, organised by Occupy LSX. These include contacts like Dr Mayer Hillman of Crisis Forum and Dr Chris Williams, see  A focus on the 1% who have the power of life and death over so many of the species 

New Era networkers, Colin, Ben, Shaun and Molly have chatted to the Occupiers and will be involved with sessions at Tent City University on subjects including the transition movement, audit-city of hope, energy efficiency programmes – as an act of ‘intergenerational solidarity’ and reform of the financial-monetary system. 

Congratulations to Molly Scott Cato who has been given a Chair at Roehampton University where she will be Professor of Strategy and Sustainability. 

Molly, who worked closely with Richard Douthwaite on certain issues during the last few years, will draw on his work on carbon sinks and cycles when giving evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into the Green Economy this coming Wednesday. She will then face a very different audience at her ‘slot’ at the Tent City University outside St. Paul’s. 

To see the programmes go to:  

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