News of and from Sabine McNeill 

It is hard to believe that almost two years have passed since we first wrote about Sabine‘s work for the victims of injustice. This has continued – see the following record of meetings taken from one of her websites: 


However it has continued under increasingly demanding personal circumstances. For 2½ years most of her time has been spent in Buschow, twelve miles from Brandenburg, caring for her elderly and increasingly incapacitated mother, who died after having ‘another kind of a stroke’ on September 9th when she was in hospital – eventually refusing medicines, food and drink.

Sabine wrote from Buschow:

“I had a nice celebration for her on Friday and the support of the village was overwhelming. I’m amazed that I know instantly that I am alone in the house, not having to listen to her movements. I put a website together about the village in German with lots of pics that my neighbour(s) made:


It’s at the edge of a nature protected region that is beautiful albeit flat: trees, fields, meadows, lakes, gentle ‘hills’ always changing most de-light-fully. The sunsets and the many birds are the main attraction besides cycling for tourists.


“The other day I was proud to have cycled to the place where I needed to sign something regarding the grave: 12 kilometres and back – some 3 hours but in most perfect weather and into the setting sun. Couldn’t be nicer to combine the necessity of funeral obligations with the pleasure of being in this countryside. 

“I feel more committed than ever to keeping this house alive and filling it with ‘light technology’, i.e. people who work here with their laptops. Have always had that dream and this ‘emotional capital’ that I can build upon thanks to my mum and her having introduced me to people here was really such that I am looking forward to inviting everybody who has shared their sympathies on this occasion.” 

We wish Sabine well in this new era of life in London and Buschow.

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